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Malaysia Scheduled Services


Malaysia Scheduled Services

1. Air transport, customs clearance door to door services of FCL and LCL;

2. Consumption tax GST billing and international order accounting;

3.China-Malaysia-third country transit transport;

4.Providing services of packing, loading and unloading, export customs declaration, ocean transport, and documenting;


二、Malaysia air line

1.Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur and the western region

weight price aging
21-50KG 16


Working day

51-100KG 16
101-300KG 15
301-500KG 13
501KG+ 11


*Note: Malaysia package tax to provide invoices, please contact the phone:020-83338186/83338879


2.Malaysian special cargo

weight price aging
21-50KG 19


Working day

51-100KG 19
101-300KG 18
301-500KG bargain
501KG+ bargain

| Malaysia shipping please consult separately



1. Quotations above don’t include destination duty. If the consignee refuses to pay duty, warehousing, or fees for change of address etc, then the expense should be paid by the consigner.

2.Packing list and English commercial invoices should be presented when shipping.

3. Charging: as to volume or weight, the charge should be calculated  on the basis of the larger one; calculating formula for volume is (length * width * height)cm/6000 1CBM equals 167 kilogram.

4.Consigner should be responsible for the package. If the express items damaged, pieces missing or delayed because of inadequate package, no liability shall be taken by Silk Road Ltd.

5. Goods unacceptable: narcotic drugs, counterfeit, liquid, power, food, fresh and alive products, medicine, flammable and explosive, corrosives, discs, weapons of arms, etc.

6.Private consults for transport of sensitive goods.

7. For the IATA restricted articles, if shipped with no fore notice of us, even though the articles are detained, confiscated, or returned, no liability shall be taken by our company and freight shall be charged.

8.Compensation for missing items are three times of freight charges, the highest compensation for packages are no more than 600 CNY, documents no more than 150 CNY per piece. As for precious cargoes, clients should buy cargo insurance themselves. Silk Road Ltd. shall take no liability for the missing or damage of precious cargoes. For the freight collect goods, Silk Road Ltd. will charge 5% of the freight charges as commission (the minimum fee is 10 USD per piece). No freight collect for documents.


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